Looking for manual labour jobs?

Are you finding it difficult to secure employment? If you are, it could be because you're looking for jobs in all the wrong places. Manual labourer jobs are available in numerous sectors in the UK. Anyone can successfully pick up these jobs because they don't require any skills or qualifications. Physical labour is the name of the game.

Supermarkets provide thousands of manual labour jobs across the UK. Every supermarket requires a team of shop assistants to stack shelves and carry out a range of general duties on the shop floor. The major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda, advertise all of their vacancies in the jobs section on their websites.

Unfortunately, due to the low skilled nature of these jobs, the minimum wage is the standard pay rate. However, it's possible to boost your pay packet with over-time, which is regularly available in the retail industry.

Thousands of manual labour jobs are available on construction sites around the country. Labourers carry out a wide range of duties on building sites, including mixing plaster and cement, stacking bricks and driving dumpers. The great thing about labouring jobs is wages are excellent for low skilled positions. Many labourers earn up to £500 a week in the UK.

Warehouses are also excellent places to search for manual labour jobs. Stacking, packing and carrying out other manual tasks is a very important part of running a warehouse. Like labourers on construction sites, general operatives in warehouses earn competitive wages of between £400 - £500 a week.

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