Manchester Hotel Jobs Update

You cannot start a Manchester hotel jobs update without first mentioning how the tourism industry in the North of England has greatly improved over the past few years and that opportunities are definitely there to be taken by the right candidate.

My first stop when searching for hotel jobs in Manchester is www.manchester.gumtree.com or www.jobisjob.co.uk/manchester The great thing about these sites is that they are dedicated to Manchester so instead of getting results for all over England your results will be much more accurate and hopefuly it shall streamline your job searching process.

Of course looking online will always ensure you have the latest up to date openings in hotels around Manchester but never underestimate the potential of a visit to your local jobcenter where you will find all the online positions and more as well as people to provide you with advice on getting the position you are interested in. The jobcenter for Manchester is located in the Wilmslow Town Center area.

Currently there are positions available for Porters, cleaners, concierges, receptionists and many more inside various hotels in Manchester so no matter what you are looking for there is something for you.

The quicker you get applying the quicker you can move on to the interview process so get out there now, make sure your CV is updated and start applying for the positions you are interested in before it is too late.I wish you the best of luck with your search!

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