Best Manchester Jobs for Students

For most students a maintence loan won't cover all the costs of university. It's often a good choice to find flexible part time work around the city centre, and luckily Manchester has just that. Manchester jobs for students can be quite sparse, however, especially if you get a job later on in the academic year; most vacancies will be already filled with other students, so it's essential to get your foot in the door early or come up with more creative means of finance.


Retail Stores

Manchester is home to some of the most thriving shopping areas, such as the Arndale and Market Street. Manchester jobs for students are often advertised by smaller stores with part time hours to suit student needs; the Arndale advertises all its vacancies in the centre itself from information points, whereas Market Street and smaller stores will advertise their positions online. You can also find work at small chain shops such as Tescos Express. On average you can expect to earn a salary of around £6 per hour for most retail vacancies.



Much like its retail sector Manchester is well known for its drink and food. Canal Street, home to the famous Gay Village, is a thriving atmosphere with some of the busiest bars in the city. You'll have to approach most bars yourself to find the vacancies, but Canal Street in particular is five minutes walking distance from the heart of both Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester University.


Specialist Jobs

If you've left job hunting too late of you're trying to find a job relevant to your current career, try http://www.e4s.co.uk/jobs/manchester.htm. This site posts the most recent vacancies for self employed work in Manchester as well as career-specific vacancies. All vacancies are aimed at students or previous students and offer competitive salaries, depending on the company.

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