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The C.V problem still remains, you hand it in and they put it in the pile. This is no good; your C.V can be misplaced within seconds and never found again. How often have you handed out lots of C.Vs and heard no response, generally quite a lot right?

People just assume that their C.Vs have been checked out and they are just not suited to the job, this is generally not true. Most times they just don't see the C.V.

The jobsite has become the job seekers best friend in recent times, the same can be said for the employer. It is just a great way for people to get in direct contact with employer and vice versa. You can upload a digital C.V that can never be misplaced or not seen. It is always there and employers can come by and see it at anytime. If you want to find work, especially in this economic climate, you need to get your C.V online and take advantage of the many jobsites on the internet.

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