Manchester Fort Jobs and Opportunities

Manchester Fort has over 32 retail outlets, including stores, restaurants and office jobs maintaining the shopping centre. The Fort consists of two separate parts; the main area on the right-hand side of Cheethamhill Road coming from Manchester City Centre, where the majority of retail outlets are, and a smaller fort to the left of Cheethamhill Road.

Due to the recession many large stores closed on both sides of the outlet, such as Woolworths on the smaller Fort (which was also the biggest retail store on the Fort at the time) and Boarders, the third largest store. With more retail space available to rent new retail chains are hopping at the chance to get on the Fort, creating more Manchester jobs and opportunities. Although there are only two Manchester Fort jobs available at the moment you should always keep an eye out for updates and new store openings at http://www.manchesterfort.co.uk.


Next Careers: Sales Consultant

Next, located on the main Fort, has one vacancy for a Sales Consultant. The salary is £4.85 to £5.53 per hour (minimum wage) for 8 hours per week, part time. Previous work experience is desired, though not essential to the position. Ability to work various shifts and overtime is the main criteria for this position, as well as an aptitude for customer service and retail. The job vacancy can be viewed at: http://careers.next.co.uk/retail/vacancydetails134791.aspx?utm_campaign=Feedutm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=referral .

Next Careers: Stockroom Assistant

Salary for this position is minimum wage (£4.85 to £5.53 depending on age) and the position is 8 hours per week, part time, with available overtime and shift flexibility required from all applicants. The position involves working with the delivery team, ensuring all stock is delivered and accounted for as well as ensuring all stock is replenished (on the shop flooor and in the stockroom). Experience working in customer service is a must, as well as having a flexible approach to working different shifts and overtime. Experience working within a stock environment or working on productivity targets is desirable but not essential to the role. Full details of the vacancy can be viewed at: http://careers.next.co.uk/retail/vacancydetails134793.aspx?utm_campaign=Feedutm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=referral .


Many retailers may not advertise Manchester Fort job opportunities online. If you're looking for the ideal job on the Fort, pop down yourself and ask around; you might even get your CV in there before the job description is posted anywhere else. Any retail space that has recently been bought should be closely observed, too, as new stores often result in new opportunities.

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