What to expect when applying for Manchester airport vacancies

Nowadays airports have heavy security, and Manchester airport is no exception. Most Manchester airport vacancies, if they are not with a particular commercial airplane company or specialist organisation, are relatively straight forward retail roles that require little training for the job. Vacancies are advertised through online job listings, such as Directgov, and are open to all applicants who meet the given criteria.

However, when applying for Manchester airport job vacancies you should consider the high security measures in the airport. For some people this won't be a problem, but many jobseekers won't want the everyday hassle of intensive airport security.


Security Training

Most employers, particularly those placed after security boarders, train applicants in airport security and specify this on their Manchester airport vacancies and advertisement. The test is a short quiz which details the basics of security in the airport, including restrictive access to certain areas. You'll need to know which cards allow people access to which areas and what kind of organisations run airport security, but this can all be learned before taking the test. Most employers will e-mail this test for you; unlimited attempts are sometimes allowed, but you must pass all questions to be eligible.


Safety Procedures

Safety is paramount for any Manchester airport vacancy advertised. This includes fire safety training and procedures, basic health and safety and restricted items (if any) when entering the work place.


Probation Periods

Probation periods for airport jobs normally require members of staff to be accompanied throughout the airport, or around secured areas. Any job role that takes place in any terminal requires staff on probationary periods to be accompanied to areas such as the smoking area; failure to comply with this request can be considered a breach of airport security.


Salaries and Major Employers

Manchester airport vacancies normally include job roles in retail or catering. Coffee shops, WHS Smith, Duty Free and other retail stores dominate much of the airport. However, salaries vary depending on employer and the wage paid does not differ from job roles outside the airport despite the extra security training required.

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