Manchester Airport Jobs through Jobcentre Plus

If you would like to find out more about some of the positions available at Manchester Airport then Jobcentre Plus can provide some of the opportunities and services you need. Based in Manchester Airport, Jobcentre Plus is dedicated to the recruitment of employees for most of the companies based at this site.

The job opportunities at Manchester Airport are many and varied. In fact Manchester Airport is just one of the locations controlled by the Manchester Airports Group. There are four airports which make up this organisation - East Midlands, Humberside, Bournemouth and Manchester. This collective generates jobs for up to 30,000 people in this area, either by employing them directly or by creating employment for additional service companies within the airports.

If you would like to work in Manchester Airport then Jobcentre Plus can point you in the right direction. This recruitment service was set up in 1993 and primarily works to supply staff to the various companies that operate within the airport.


Job Opportunities

The variety of positions available to candidates at Manchester Airport through Jobcentre Plus is extensive. While some roles may require certain qualifications, many are open to individuals with minimal experience and training is often provided.

Some possible positions include Bus Drivers, Air Traffic Controllers, Firefighters, Health and Safety Officers, Sales Assistants, Receptionists etc. The list truely is extensive and all skill sets and education levels are catered for.


Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate varies depending on the position in question. For example those who are interested in becoming firefighters will be required to pass a fitness test and to undertake some training. Sales assistants and receptionists must be friendly, presentable and outgoing, and experience in customer service is an advantage.

For those who are interested in finding out more about the job opportunities at Manchester Airport contacting Jobcentre Plus is an ideal first step. Further information can be found at http://www.u-xplore.com/manchesterairport/.

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