Find Jobs in Manchester through the Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus

If you are jobseeking in the Manchester area you should definitely get in touch with the Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus. Job Centre Plus offices can be found throughout the UK and are part of a government initiative to promote employment in the country.

Visitors to a regional Job Centre Plus office will find a number of facilities on hand to help them find employment or fill vacancies. In these offices job listings and course information are regularly posted, making them a good first step towards finding a job for many jobseekers. Special phones are provided to allow jobseekers to contact employers and to arrange interviews or to enter applications. Similarly internet access is provided to jobseekers in the centre. For those who are not in a position to physically visit the Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus, considerable information and services can be found at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk.

Manchester Airport itself offers a wealth of employment opportunities to jobseekers in Manchester. It currently employs over 30,000 people, which is why it has been granted its own dedicated Job Centre Plus, which is located just outside the airport. There is a staggering range of jobs available in Manchester Airport, which cater for jobseekers of all ages and levels of experience. Sample positions include customer service staff in shops and at kiosks, waiting staff, barmen and chefs for the various restaurants and eateries in the airport, and security personnel. This is just a small sample of the roles on offer however, and more information can be found by contacting the Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus, or by visiting manchesterairport.co.uk/home.


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