Getting the most from the Manchester Airport Job Center Plus

The job opportunities that have been created by Manchester Airport span a range of sectors and professions. Broadly speaking, positions exist for terminal staff, runway staff and administrative staff. However breaking down these broad categories yields a surprising selection of roles. The Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus features job listings and job descriptions for each of these roles, and is a very helpful asset to those looking for work in the Manchester area.

The runway staff at Manchester Airport are composed of a diverse range of people. In order for the airport to function efficiently and safely, paramedics, firemen, and other emergency staff are required to be on standby in the airport at all times. In addition to this a number of ground staff are required to help direct taxiing aeroplanes and to manage logistics on the ground. Various drivers are needed, for fuel and luggage trucks, and also for various maintenance and service vehicles. A number of baggage handlers are also essential members of the Manchester Airport runway staff.

In terms of administration, air traffic controllers are needed at all times to manage and direct incoming and outgoing aircraft. A dedicated HR team is also in place at Manchester Airport, along with a marketing and sales team and a public relations group. Within the terminals a large number of positions exist, including roles for cleaning staff, security personnel and customer service staff. While positions with independent employers will be advertised on associated websites, most will also be listed on the Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus website, at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk.


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