Job Opportunities through Manchester Airport Job Center Plus

Job Centre Plus is a nationwide government employment agency. With branches located all over the United Kingdom it provides job listings and advice to local jobseekers, and also distributes Jobseeker's Allowance and other welfare payments. In Manchester a considerable amount of employment is offered by Manchester Airport. As a result of this, there is a Job Centre Plus located adjacent to the airport itself, which is known as Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus.

Job Centre Plus provides a range of services to communities. Those who are looking for employment can use the Labour Market System operated by the agency to search for employment and to contact employers. This service can be accessed through the Job Centre Plus website, by using touchscreen information points in Job Centre Plus offices, or by calling the Jobseeker Direct telephone service. Employers may also place instant ads with the agency by using the web or phone services. In Manchester Airport, the Job Centre Plus allows the many employers in the facility to place their ads quickly and easily, where jobseekers can immediately access them.

Manchester Airport and the Manchester Airports Group provide employment for approximately 30,000 people in the area. Employers in Manchester Airport contact Job Centre Plus with the majority of their vacancies. As there are a variety of businesses and services within the airport, job opportunities are also quite varied. For example positions are available with the many shops, restaurants and services that operate within the terminals and on the airport site. Drivers are required to work on the runways and in the passenger carparks. Firefighters and emergency crew are also essential to the airport.

These are just some of the job opportunities available at Manchester Airport. Further information and job listings can be found through Manchester Airport Job Centre Plus or at http://www.u-xplore.com/online/dsl/ManAir-2.3/u-xplore.asp.

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