Manchester Airport Employment Opportunities

Manchester Airport is the fourth largest airport in the United Kingdom, with almost 18 million passengers passing through it on a yearly basis. This giant complex encompasses three passenger terminals and a railway station, along with a World Freight Terminal. Manchester Airport in its entirety is therefore made up of a multitude of smaller operations, all of which require staff and service personnel. Hence Manchester Airport has many employment opportunities in a variety of industries.

Within the passenger terminals at Manchester Airport there are a number of restaurants, shops and additional services. Therefore there are a range of employment opportunities in these areas. Positions exist for waiting staff, chefs, retail assistants and cleaners. Receptionists, sales assistants and other customer service personnel are also required. Throughout Manchester Airport, employment opportunities also exist for emergency services personnel. This includes firefighters and paramedics, who must be on standby within the airport in case of any emergencies on the runways or within the terminals. Similarly a considerable amount of security personnel are required in Manchester Airport, in the passenger terminals, the railway station and in the freight terminal. Additionally a variety of management positions exist in the airport, such as jobs for events organisers, construction managers, airfield operations managers and more.

Various other departments with Manchester Airport also offer employment opportunities. There is a large and dynamic communications department, and also a busy Human Resources department. Most of the jobs that are available at Manchester Airport are offered through the local Jobcentre Plus, or online at http://jobs.manchesterairport.co.uk.

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