Manchester Airport careers and employment opportunities

Tens of thousands of staff are employed at Manchester Airport, either by private businesses operating on the premises, or directly by the Manchester Airport Group. Manchester Airport has many careers and employment opportunities on offer, which should suit jobseekers from all backgrounds. A large number of staff are required to keep operations at Manchester Airport running efficiently and smoothly. Therefore job opportunities at Manchester Airport include positions for administrative staff, such as HR personnel, marketing professionals and events organisers. Openings for these positions are advertised on the Manchester Airport website, or through the local Jobcentre Plus. Along with administrative positions, Manchester Airport offers careers for shop assistants, bar staff, waiters etc. The airport's terminals have a number of shops, bars and restaurants, many of which remain open 24 hours a day. Similarly there are positions for cleaners and maintenance staff within the terminals, who must keep the public areas clean and in good order at all times. Additionally there are positions for air traffic controllers and other administrative staff in the operations area of the airport. Manchester Airport offers careers and training in many aspects of commercial aviation. For example there are also roles available for luggage handlers, baggage operators and additional runway staff. The airport also requires a number of fireman and paramedics to be on constant standby, in case of an emergency. Bus drivers and car park attendants are also needed in the car park areas of the airport. Drivers will transport passengers from the terminals to the car parks and vice versa. Further information about jobs in Manchester Airport can be found at jobs.manchesterairport.co.uk.

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