Get on the NHS fast track with a management training course

Health Service management is a demanding profession calling for a range of business skills alongside an appreciation of the importance of delivering efficient health care. NHS management training courses endeavour to equip trainees with all the grounding and direct work experience to help them cope with a multitude of scenarios.

The NHS (nhs.co.uk) Graduate Management Training Scheme is one of the most competitive training schemes in the country. At the end of the course, successful candidates will be furnished with the skills and experience required for modern health service management.

Trainees have the opportunity to specialise in various management disciplines: General, Financial, Information or Human Resource management. A thorough induction and orientation course is followed by specific work placements and a chance to experience other UK healthcare organisations.

The General Management course is intended to fast-track trainees, bringing them up to the standard required for director level appointments. Practical experience is combined with a study of the knowledge and personal qualities that are needed for hospital management and leadership. Trainees are also given the chance to gain postgraduate qualifications in health care or management.

The Financial Management Scheme is designed to give trainees experience and knowledge of health service budgets and finance. Trainees study for professional accountancy qualifications, and have the opportunity to work closely in the finance department of a local health authority or hospital.

Information and Human Resources trainees are also given the opportunity to study for specific professional qualifications alongside their work placements and general management training within the NHS.

Applications for the management training courses tend to be heavily oversubscribed. Applicants must decide on their management specialism before completing their application. They are advised to study the advice and questionnaire on the site at nhsgraduates.co.uk to help decide whether the NHS management training course is the right career path.

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