Malta job opportunities available in numerous sectors

The small Mediterranean state of Malta has employment opportunities in a wide range of areas. Malta job seekers can find vacancies in the IT, tourism and manufacturing sectors, to name just a few

Malta is an EU member state, was given special dispensation when it joined the union in 2004 to retain its work permit scheme. This was intended to protect Maltese workers from an influx of foreign nationals seeking employment in the country.

EU nationals must still apply for a work permit if they want to work in Malta. To gain a work permit, you must already have an offer of employment in the country. And work permits are usually only granted to people possessing skills that are lacking in Malta.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to people looking for jobs in Malta is the language barrier. While English is one of the official languages, Maltese and Italian are widely spoken on the island. It's highly recommended that you learn the basics of both languages before seeking employment in Malta. Eurotalk Interactive is an excellent website for studying languages

The greatest number of vacancies in Malta can be found in around the major cities of Valetta, the capital, and Sliema. There are number of websites that are excellent for finding out what companies are hiring in Malta. Some of the sites to watch are:

  • Malta Employers
  • Malta Enterprise
  • Malta Trade Directory
  • Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise

Maltese labour laws are similar to the UK's. The legal maximum working week is 48 hours, while Maltese workers enjoy 25 days holidays and 14 days public holidays a year.

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