Make a career move with jobs in Kenya

Whether you’re looking to move to Kenya and need to get a job or you’re already there and interested in a career change, the easiest way to find jobs in Kenya is looking for them online. There are plenty of websites specialised in job vacancies in Kenya. Here are some of them.

A website that lists plenty of jobs in Kenya is kenyancareer.com. Here you can find vacancies added on a daily basis and you can choose to subscribe to a free email that will let you know when new jobs are posted. You can also choose to upload your resume to gain more visibility. All services provided by this website are free of charge. Some of the fields you will find jobs on kenyancareer.com include accounting and finance, banking, communication and media, data entry, human resources, management, education and more.

Another website that jobseekers in Kenya should have a look at is bestjobskenya.com. This website features a tool for searching the desired jobs quickly and you can subscribe to a regular email that with the latest advertised vacancies. As a jobseeker, you can quickly add your resume and update it any time you want and also set up job alerts in order not to miss any opportunities.

Job categories on this website include healthcare and medical, skilled labour, hospitality and catering, clerical and administrative, legal and consulting, management and many more others. An interesting feature at bestjobskenya.com is the free web address you get for your CV, which can greatly improve your visibility.

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