Luxury retail jobs in London

While there are more jobs available in the UK retail industry than in any other sector, working in luxury retail calls for a specific set of skills. The greatest concentration of this demanding work is in the south-east, with luxury retail jobs in London offering candidates a highly rewarding vocation.

Where to look for London's luxury retail jobs

The luxury retail jobs available in London cover a diverse range of activities. Seasonal work is always popular, as exclusive retail outlets face considerable customer demands for high-end products.

When searching for luxury retail employment in the capital, the first place to look is websites such as Jackson Rose. They offer a recruitment service for anyone looking to get into various areas of the luxury industry, from digital marketing to luxury PR. Rather than simply listing vacancies, they offer a more interactive solution, introducing customers to clients.

Joblux is another excellent site, breaking down luxury retail vacancies by industry, role, work type and salary. A skim of the current types of luxury job advertised covers a diverse range. There are luxury sales assistants, managers in ladies ready-to-wear boutiques and sales assistants in exclusive sports fashion outlets.

Browsing this site gives a good indication of the range of salaries you can hope to command withl uxury retail jobs in London. For example, a prospective manager working with jewelers Tiffany Co. can expect to start on between 50-60,000.

Many of these positions are located right in the heart of London, an area that is world-renowned, with a long history of attracting talent from the world over.

Luxury retail jobs that will enhance your CV

Luxury retail jobs in London offer excellent employment prospects for successful candidates. There is a wide cross-section of retail outlets offering high-end merchandise –everything from luxury cars to jewelery to the latest in high-tech gadgetry. Securing work in this industry will not just look great for your CV, it will develop your core employment skills as you get to meet a cross-section of professionals.

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