We can assist your search for a Luton student job or retail jobs

The life of students can be surprisingly difficult these days. Not only do they have to worry about attending lectures, sitting exams, studying, completing course work and, of course, getting the best scores possible in each of these disciplines, but they also have the additional concern of finances to worry about. While many students could rely on their parents, or student loans, in the past, the current economic events have conspired to cause problems in that respect and many students are now resigned to finding part time work in order to help support themselves financially.

While that might not sound like any great hardship, the fact is that it can prove to be detrimental to their studies if they pick the wrong kind of position. That's why we have created this guide to help them find the kind of Luton student job jobs that are suitable for those who need to spend some time studying.

Since the majority of part time jobs in Luton tend to be within the retail sector, your best starting point is definitely going to be there. With so many of the major supermarkets in the area, it's not surprising that these represent your best chance of finding work.

One of the best things about working for a supermarket chain is the fact that they are normally quite flexible when it comes to timetabling of shifts. Should you need certain days off, you can usually be accommodated without any fuss.

The most common positions are to be found in customer service in the retail sector, which pays in the region of £5.93 per hour, and you will usually be able to take as many hours as you are able to over the week.

To get your search for a Luton student job or retail jobs started, we recommend calling into the following stores and enquiring about the availability of vacancies;

  • Tesco, 57 The Mall Arndale
  • Sainsburys, 34 Dunstable Road
  • Lidl, Francis Street
  • Iceland, 51 Park Street
  • Costcutter, 97-99 Castle Street


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