Make the most of your lunch breaks!

If you spend your lunch breaks stooped over your desk or queuing for the same sandwiches everyday, you're probably wasting a significant proportion of your free time. Our guide to getting more from your lunch break could help you to shake up your routine and make the most of that hour!

The most important piece of advice we can give regarding lunch breaks is to take them. No matter how busy you are, you should always make room for a short break to refresh and recharge. Your work will be better for it. Remember that if you work full time hours, you're legally entitled to a break.

We recommend that you plan your lunch hours for the week in advance. This can help you to organise more interesting activities. An example of leisurely lunches might be:

  • Monday: Meet a friend for a lunch in a nearby cafe
  • Tuesday: Go to an exercise class at the gym
  • Wednesday: Take a walk in the park
  • Thursday: Organise lunch with a group of friends
  • Friday: Watch a good TV show or documentary online (on BBC iPlayer or 4OD, for example)

Of course, the reality of modern living is that you often don't have enough hours in the day to get all your tasks done. If you don't have enough time to enjoy leisure activities, it's still important to give your brain a rest from work-related problems and focus on something else - for example, online banking, paying bills, catching up on emails or making a personal phone call.

Your daily lunch breaks could also be a great chance to develop a new skill or hobby. You may be able to take a lunchtime language class, a lunchtime music class or a lunchtime exercise class. Or devote some of your lunch break to a distance learning course - there are literally thousands of possibilities.

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