Major Employers in the LU1 Area and Available Jobs

Luton is famous for its airport and expanding retail sector, with two malls in LU1 providing jobs for over 3000 people and a string of retail companies dotted around the area.


LU1 Jobs and Surrounding Areas: Top Employers

The Office of National Statistics posted the top employers in Luton for 2010. According the employees working for companies combined with staff taken on each year, the list was:


Luton Borough Council (Local authority)


2000 - 4000

Luton and Dunstable Hospital (NHS)

Ocean and Contract Cleaning LTD (Cleaning services)

Pinnacle Staffing Group (Employment agency)


1000 - 1999

Abacus Recruitment and Training (Employment agency)

Easyjet (Airport services)

IBC Vehicles (Manufacturer, motor vehicles)

TUI UK (Tour operator)


200 - 999

Advance Employment LTD (Employment agency)

Astrazeneca LTD (Pharmaceutical)

General Motors (Manufacturer and sales company)

Sainsbury's Supermarket (Retail)

Monarch Airlines and Monarch Engineering (Airport services)

Thomson Airways LTD (Airport services)

Alexon International (Retail)

Asda Stores (Retail)

Cosmos Holidays (Tour operator)

Recruit Retail Services (Employment agency)

SKF (UK) Ltd (Manufacturer, motor vehicles)

B&Q (Retail)

British Telecommunications (Telecommunications)

Hayward Tyler PLC (Manufacturer)

Electrolux (Electrical wholesale)

Argos (Retail)

Boots (Retail)


You can find job applications by visiting any of these employers or looking online for their website. Most work comes from Luton airport, which houses a range of shops and retail stores but are not listed on the ONS list as they are considered part of Luton airport. LU1 jobs are dominated by retail, public services (council), industrial jobs (manufacturing, especially vehicle parts).



According to the ONS Annual Survey, workers in Luton earn on average £24,006 per annum (full time). However, the actual salary received depends on the type of work taken and the contract from the employer. Specialist jobs, such as working in the motoring trade or as an aircraft technician, will pay much higher than retail vacancies.


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