Sites offering lorry driving jobs in Australia

Are you a driver and thinking of heading Down Under in search of a new life? In Australia, with a particular focus on Western Australia, there are huge gaps in the market right now for skilled commercial drivers, and it could be a potential route towards getting permanent residency! In this blog we are going to check out a few sites to find lorry driving jobs in Australia.

Lorry Driving Jobs are so in demand in Australia right now that the Australian Government is considering making them a skilled job, so employers can make offers to drivers abroad and offer them extended work permits. It is likely this move will be made in the next year, so now is the time to get looking for a job.

Once you have secured your working visa for Australia, it is time to start searching for a job. The first place you should check out is one of Australia's biggest job search engine, and that site is australia.recruit.net. Simply enter in truck driving jobs into their search engine and localise your search to the part of Australia you would like to live in, then you are good to go!

Another Australian site well worth taking a gander at is Simply Hired, and you can find them online at www.simplyhired.com.au. Simply Hired are another extensive jobs search engine in Australia, and they offer a huge amount of customisation to your searches, with wages, location and type of driving jobs all up for editing.


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