Looking for work in Manchester?

With a regenerated city centre, shopping arcades, restaurants and bars, Manchester is now seen as a rival to capital cities such as London and Madrid. With a thriving business district and large established television studios producing some of the most popular shows on TV, there are many options for jobseekers.

High flying corporate jobs and vacancies in senior management are likely to be advertised in national newspapers such as The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph. Recruitment agencies will also have comprehensive and current listings of jobs in other areas available to view online if you are not able to make it into their offices for a meeting.

If you are interested in a job in television, Manchester is a great place to start out. With studios producing regional and national programmes this would be an ideal place to contact for those looking for a career in TV.

Manchester also has a huge student population. If you are after a career in further education then you could try contacting either the University or Metropolitan University. There are many jobs here, not just lecturing and tutoring but also many administrative posts, librarians and lab technicians amongst others.

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