Looking for van driver Hertfordshire jobs?

Working in the logistics business is certainly no easy ride these days. With so many drivers all competing for the same work the wages have been driven gradually downwards to the point there many drivers out there are barely working for more than minimum wage. This means that those of you who can find a decent job for a reputable company are strongly urged to grab it with both hands.

As a van driver it will be your responsibility to ensure that your load makes it from A to B safely, in time and without any incidents. While this may sound straightforward, you need to factor in that you're likely to run into traffic, diversions, accidents and, of course, the police who seem to like nothing better than thoroughly vetting every van driver they see on the way to a delivery.

It could be worse though, after all you get to spend the majority of your working day driving along the open road, and you'll get to earn an average of £14,000 per year for the work you put in.

You'll need a C1 license if you're going to be driving a typical 3.5 to 7.5 tonne vehicle, and it's also likely that you'll be required to have a clean driving license with no record of previous traffic offences. On top of that, if you're looking for van driver Hertfordshire jobs it's essential for you to have good time management skills, a trustworthy personality, strong knowledge of your local area and excellent communication skills.

You can find all manner of driving jobs for the Hertfordshire area on all the major job sites including Totaljobs.com, Reed.co.uk, jobisjob.co.uk and monster.co.uk.


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