Looking for part time jobs to maximise your income?

There are many reasons why people are looking for part time jobs. The rise in the cost of living and low interest rates on savings and investments has encouraged people to look at ways to enhance their income.  The rise in the costs of child care and commuting mean that part time jobs could be more attractive than full time jobs.

There is a large range of part time jobs available for those wishing to make extra money or people like mums, students, pensioners or teenagers that may not want to take on full time hours. You can find part time jobs online through recruitment sites set up specifically for part time opportunities. Applying for positions is easy to do online. Teenagers may find themselves turning to local shops and tradesmen in the hope to get employment.

Job sharing and term-time working is suitable for mums looking forward to working part time. Job sharing would involve a full time position being divided into two part time jobs. This provides the benefit of giving you set working hours to fit around your child care requirements. Term-time working would involve you reducing your hours or taking time-off during the school holidays.

If travelling is an issue for you, then consider working from home. You can work undertaking party plans to sell beauty products for Avon or Virgin Vie. Many part time jobs offer flexibility in choosing when you work, while others will require you to work set hours and days to work.

You may choose to work as a self-employed person, providing services to others. A new growing trend is for people to advertise themselves on social-networking  sites, such as Gumtree and Facebook, in the hope that a potential employer or client may hire you.

Taking on a part time job does not mean you lose out on many of the great benefits that those working full time acquire. Companies like Starbucks, Target and UPS offer great benefits to part time employees, such as health and dental care. If you are employed as a part time worker, then you would have the same employment rights as those employed full time. Under 18’s are covered by a different set of regulations based on the amount of part time hours and the type of work they undertake. If you are on income benefit, working part time may not affect them. You can check how working will affect your benefits by contacting Jobcentre Plus or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

You may have interests or hobbies that you can earn money from. From writing essays to dog walking, you may be able to turn your hobby into a part time job. So, whatever your circumstances and interests, you should be able to find a part time job to suit your skills and expertise.

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