Looking for part time jobs in Dublin?

There are some basic rules which must be followed when searching and applying for jobs in order to get noticed. Basic CVs and cover letters are simply not sufficient when there are so many people looking for part time jobs in Dublin, and there are so few part time vacancies out there!

Gone are the days when CVs were to be posted or personally handed in to desired posts at given companies. These days the primary method of finding available jobs and applying for them is via the internet. The majority of job vacancies are posted online on job brokerage websites such as jobs.ie and irishjobs.ie, as well as classified websites such as gumtree.ie. Each of the above should be the first port of call when searching for part time jobs in Dublin.

Before searching though, you must have a professional looking CV and characterful cover letter in order to stand out from the crowd. Professional looking CVs can be tailor made to fit the industry, or level of career. While the best free method of creating such documents is by using wikihow.com and similar tools, to really stand out you should get them done by people who create them for a living. You can get a professional CV created in Dublin by cvireland.ie .

Once your CV is complete, simply sign up with the above websites and submit your details. Following this you may choose to search for part time jobs in Dublin with specific criteria or filters such as choosing an industry or profession. The final step is to submit your CV to online CV databases and hope for the best!


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