Looking for NHS jobs for students

Working for the NHS is rewarding as you’ll be helping to improve people’s lives every day. This is an organisation that encourages career progression whether you’re a medical professional or a member of the support services. There are great benefits for NHS jobs for students in terms of pensions and paid holidays, so how do you get involved?

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University degree

Some of the jobs offered by the NHS require candidates to have a university degree to give them the knowledge they need to succeed in the NHS. If you're ready to apply for a job with the NHS, we’re got a few hints and tips that will help you get a foot in the door.


There’s really no substitute for experience with any job but that sentiment counts double for the NHS because there’s no organisation in the country that’s like it. Taking on voluntary work in social care really could help your chances of landing a position with the NHS. It would also act as a preview to the sort of work you’ll be asked to carry out for the NHS. If you don’t enjoy the work as much as you thought you would and you want to try something else, you won’t have committed too much of your time and energy.

Work experience

As well as working within the sector to gain experience, you could also take on an unpaid work experience role with the NHS. Your careers advisor will have all the details you’ll need to know about how that’s done.

Your CV

Unless you get experience, your CV won’t be able to represent you properly, but there are things you can do to present yourself well within your CV. Demonstrate your ability to work well within a team. This could include any project work you undertook in a group at university. You should also make mention of anything that involved caring for other people. This could include babysitting for a neighbour or coaching someone through an exam.

When you’re ready

When you have everything in place and you want to apply for NHS jobs for students, go to jobs.nhs.uk which advertises around 20,000 vacancies per month.

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