Looking for morning cleaning jobs?

Are you interested in morning cleaning jobs? Morning cleaning jobs can be a great option for people with other commitments (for instance, if you're a student, full time mum or if you have another job), because they usually last less than three hours per shift, and you day's work is usually complete by 9am. Here we offer some tips and advice to help you find and apply for cleaning jobs.

What do morning cleaning jobs involve?

Most morning cleaning jobs are based in offices. Companies normally expect office cleaning to be done outside normal working hours (i.e. 9am to 5pm), so cleaners usually work shifts in the evenings or early in the morning. However, you may also find morning cleaning jobs in hotels, shops and even private residences.

Cleaning work will vary depending on where you are based, but duties will normally include cleaning bathrooms, vacumming floors, dusting, polishing and emptying bins. You may also be required to clean canteens or wash dishes. If you're working in a private residence, you may be expected to do laundry and change bed clothes.

Where can I find morning cleaning jobs?

Online job search sites like Total Jobs, Job is Job, Monster and Reed aren't bad places to start. There's usually a decent range of cleaning jobs and you can filter through the job specifications to get more details on working hours.

You should also have a look in the classified section of your local newspaper, and on free ad sites like Gumtree.


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