Looking for Leicester work? Check out these cool jobs

With three quarters of a million people living in the Leicester area, you can only imagine how many jobs there are available. If you're looking for Leicester work, you may be surprised to find some of what's on offer is fun to do as well.


This is Leicester has a large job listings section featuring jobs from top area employers and recruitment agencies. Jobs are separated into sections and, with sections like Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Retail, Emergency Services, Fitness, Child Care and Graduates, you should find something fun among the thousands of vacancies listed.

Leicestershire County Council (leics.gov.uk/index/jobs.htm)

Leiscestershire County Council has a small job listing service, with information on apprenticeships in the Leicester area, as well as child care, social care and teaching vacancies.

Leicester City Council (secure.leicester.gov.uk)

Leicester City Council also has listings for Leicester work including for emergency alarm officers, marketing managers, and administrative staff. Some months the listings are few, in other months - particularly in the summer - listings increase markedly, so it's a great site to keep an eye on. Check back often.

Fosse Shopping Park (fosseshoppingpark.co.uk)

One of Leicester's largest shopping venues, Fosse Shopping Park has more than 30 stores and a number of restaurants and cafes too.  Speak to the manager about work at stores like Boots, Asda, Argos, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and WHSmith, and leave a CV behind so they can contact you easily.

Leicester Market (leicestermarket.co.uk)

The UK's largest permanent indoor market, Leicester Market is massive. It's open Tuesday through Saturday and sells everything from electronics to clothes, shoes, flowers, CDs, DVDs, food, hobby items and more. With so many vendors, you're chances of finding a fun job in one of England's coolest shopping places are pretty high.

Leicester Factory Outlet Stores

Factory outlet stores are a smashing way to get a job and the perfect place to spend your hard-earned money when you're done. Leicester has a couple of factory outlet malls that continually hire staff:

Rohde Footwear Factory Outlet – 3 Fosse Way, Leicester

Armstrong's Mill - 173 Charnwood Rd, Leicester

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