Looking for jobs in France?

Do you want to pack up and head to sunny France? If you're looking for jobs in France, you have a number of considerations to make. This guide will help you get organised and help you to find those all-important job vacancies!

Do you need a visa?

If you're a British or EU citizen, you shouldn't need a visa for working in France. However, if you don't hold an EU passport, you will require a French working visa before you can apply for jobs in France. This should be organised as early as possible and certainly well before you book your flights or arrange accommodation.

What else do you need to organise before moving to France for work?

This largely depends on your personal circumstances, but assuming that you're free and single with no major commitments in the UK, you will need to organise:

  • Flights to France
  • Accommodation in France
  • Sending your belongings over
  • Obtaining a tax file number
  • French health care cover
  • Opening a French bank account
  • An emergency savings fund with enough money for a last minute flight home (one way, last minute flights between France and the UK can be up to 700 euros!)

Where should you look for jobs in France?

Using recruitment agencies is one of the best ways to find jobs in France, as they can steer you through the French recruitment process and offer advice on translating your CV and preparing for a job interview. Unless you have a lot of money saved, it's a good idea to secure a job before you move.

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