Looking for Grays Tesco vacancies?

If you're living in the Grays area, then you'll no doubt be familiar with the impressive presence that supermarket giant Tesco has in the area. Not content with simply having one or two stores, Tesco actually operates no fewer than five different stores in the Grays region. The stores in question are:

TescoCygnet ViewLakesideGrays Phone: 0845 677 9209

TescoDrake HouseDrake RoadChafford HundredGrays Phone: 0845 026 9235

Tesco Express1 Fleming RoadChafford HundredGrays Phone: 01375 650 316

Tesco Express11-13 Brentwood RoadGrays Phone: 0845 677 9607

TescoCrammavill StreetGraysPhone: 0845 026 9313

This is obviously great news for anyone who fancies making a new career for themselves in the retail industry. As Tesco are one of the major employers in the region, you can be sure that you'll be able to find plenty of part time and full time positions to suit your needs, experience and circumstances. And since Tesco are an employer who are noted for promoting from within, you'll always have the potential to make your way up the ladder.

It's worth noting that finding yourself a job in Tesco can be done in a number of ways, depending on the kind of work you are after. For example, if you are a new graduate, fresh out of college who fancies taking on the challenge of working for one of the biggest brands in the United Kingdom in a wide selection of roles ranging from advertising to marketing to finance to information technology to graphic design and everything in between, you should be focusing your attention on www.tesco-graduates.com. This site has all the information you need regarding graduate positions with the company.

If you want to focus on management based jobs, or more specialist positions, we instead recommend that you keep a close eye on www.tesco-jobs.com. This site differs from the previous one in that it is not intended purely for graduates. Instead it has a wide range of vacancies from junior management positions right the way up to executive officer and beyond. Unless you have previous experience and plenty of qualifications however, we recommend giving this site a miss and instead take a look at the third option...

By calling into your store, you should have no problem finding the very latest entry level Grays job Tesco vacancy jobs available. These roles usually include floor operative (stacking shelves and ensuring that stock levels are maintained) and cashier (serving people and bagging their purchases). While these positions aren't the most glamourous, they are a foot in the door, and you can expect to earn around £6.77 per hour for your time*.

*These figures are as of May 2011, and have been sourced by independent website www.glassdoor.com.

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