Distance learning courses are big business: we take a look at the pros and cons

Completing a course of your choice via the medium of distance learning can be ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and need to fit your studies round it, or perhaps you cannot afford to take the time out to study full time and need to work around your studies.

Either way, distance learning courses can be a great solution. With courses available to cover just about any subject you can think of, you are spoilt for choice. Most course providers whether it be for flower arranging, an academic degree or massage will include an element of classroom attendance though this is usually restricted to occasional weekends, and for some of the more vocational subjects, practical work and case studies can be required.

To find out more, search the Internet for distance learning providers for the course that you are interested in. You could also explore the Open University: they have a wide variety of subjects, or visit learndirect.co.uk for possibly the largest selection of subjects.

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