Looking for catering and hospitality jobs in Slough?

Until recently, there was a huge shortage of catering amp hospitality jobs in Slough and the rest of the UK. Thankfully, things are improving and there are now plenty of these jobs around again. Knowing where to look for the latest vacancies is the toughest part.

You will usually find hospitality jobs advertised in your local newspaper such as The Slough Observer. You can have a look at their website as well where you will find plenty of vacancies. Have a look at sloughobserver.co.uk.

There are loads of recruitment websites that specialise in the hospitality sector. You will find a wide range of bar, restaurant and hotel jobs on any of the following websites:

  • Caterer.com
  • Barexchange.com
  • Hcareers.co.uk

You might also choose to simply take a walk around Slough and hand your CV into some of the local bars, restaurants or hotels. Remember to double check your CV for any spelling or grammar mistakes before you send them off to companies.

When working in hospitality, you shouldn't expect to earn much more than the national minimum wage. You will earn slightly more in a hotel than you would in a bar or restaurant. Another great thing about working in the hospitality industry is that little or no previous experience is usually required to get a job. This makes it the perfect choice for somebody just out of school or on their summer holidays from college or university.

Start searching for catering amp hospitality jobs in Slough now. Log onto one of the websites mentioned above and see what you can find!

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