Looking for a secure job? Then consider jobs in security in Rotherham!

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There are very few public or private organisations without a team of dedicated professionals to manage issues of security. With the downturn in the economy we can expect an upturn in crime. There is going to be a greater demand for security both domestically and in business - which is going to create many more jobs in security in Rotherham.

It is illegal to work in many areas of the security industry without a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. The activities defined as licensable are manned guarding, cctv, close protection, door supervision, security guarding, key holding, vehicle immobilastion and private investigation.

A licence can be obtained by undertaking security training, passing an exam and processing your application. Providing you pass a criminal records check you should receive your licence in about six weeks.

The security industry is truly diverse. Security professionals can be involved in providing crime awareness advice, monitoring behaviour on our streets, protecting homes and businesses and safeguarding people.

Finding work in security is relatively easy, with the majority of all roles open to direct or indirect applications. Direct applications involves sending your CV to prospective employers in the Rotherham area in the hope of a role becoming available.

Indirect applications are those who apply in response to advertisements, which can be found on jobsites, newspapers, jobcentres, employment agencies and radio stations.

Benefits offered to staff vary with employers. Larger organisations tend to offer broader benefits with lower basic remuneration whilst smaller firms compete with higher pay and less benefits.

The chances of finding jobs in security in Rotherham are excellent. Recruitment is on the up and the demand is further likely to rise.

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