Looking for a PA, secretarial or receptionist job in the Greater Birmingham area?

Jobs are still at a premium these days, but it's good to see that many companies are now starting to add to their work force once again, hopefully relegating the dark recessionary days to a distant memory sooner rather than later. One of the areas that is seeing an awful lot of vacancies these days are the positions of PA, secretarial or receptionist in Greater Birmingham.

In these positions you can expect to earn between £7.00 and £19.60 per hour, depending on how much prior experience you have and how big a company you are working for. However unless you have at least three years worth of experience working in the field, or one quite similar, it's unlikely that you'll be successful in your application for jobs.

This doesn't mean that you have to give up on your dream however, it simply means that you will need to take a look at other ways to get your foot in the door. One way we recommend is to take a look at the various recruitment agencies located throughout the Greater Birmingham Area. These agencies have a large number of contacts within the industry and will be more than willing to find you a placement with one of their clients.

Not only will you get yourself off the unemployment line, but you'll also be able to start building the essential experience you'll need in order to start a PA, secretarial or receptionist in Greater Birmingham career down the line. When taking placement through a recruitment agency, you can expect to see your average wage expectancy drop to between £6.40 and £12.70 per hour, as the agency will take a cut of your wage.

We recommend that you check out the following recruitment agencies to maximise your chances of success: Blue Arrow (New Street), Extra Personnel (Cavendish House, Waterlook Street), Proactive Recruitment Solutions (Temple Row) and Kelly Services (Waterlook Street).

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