Looking for a London job?

To start off your London job search, take a look at the London Jobs website. They have an enormous database of positions for you to feast your eyes upon! You can do a quick search via keyword and location on their homepage, or you can click through to the ‘Advanced Search’ option where you can refine your job hunt via job title, skills, salary and industry sectors. You can also upload your CV directly onto the website so that head-hunters and potential employers can approach you!

Another great place to take a look at is Just London Jobs. This company offers the nifty service of sending your CV around to hundreds of recruiters, free of charge! They also have a user-friendly search engine, with which you can search for positions via location, salary, job sector and job term. They also offer career advice, such as career management tools, how to access the hidden job market, training options and much more! They are managed by Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment, and they have over 3.5 million registered candidates and they receive over 1.8 million visits per month. That’s not a bad resume!

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