Looking for a job?

With all the doom and gloom in the news, we take a look at a couple of the best places to start your search for a job, hopefully pointing you in the right direction.

The Graduate-jobs website is an online agency focusing solely on graduate recruitment. You can register your CV allowing you to apply online for any job that piques your interest, and sign up for alerts for any job that may match your search criteria. They also have a job of the week and recruiter of the week section and with a great number of some of the largest employers in the country posting vacancies on this website it really is a good place to start looking for a job.

Another good website to search for a graduate position is gradfutures. Not only do they have listings of vacancies for graduates but the website also has a section with career advice. A new portal designed specifically for UK graduates, it aims to inform about graduate schemes, summer posts, permanent positions and sandwich placements.

These two websites are packed with information and vacant positions. The careers advice and experience of applying alone will be incredibly valuable and who knows, you could end up with the job of your dreams.

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