Look no further for jobs in the big smoke..

As a result London attracts tourists, visitors and job hunters like moths to a flame. Graduates, foreign workers and those on a working holiday visa all flock to the capital looking for a job. In general, job seekers are looking either for a step up or onto the career ladder or something that will pay enough to allow them to enjoy living in such a major city.

London of course does have many jobs available in a huge variety of sectors whether this is in an office in the City or as a waitress or bar tender in the West End. Due to the attractiveness of living and working in the capital however, the competition is of course much higher than in other towns and cities so it pays to make your interview a memorable one, and to have something about you that stands out to a potential employer on your CV.

The London Jobs website is probably the best place to start your search. You can search for jobs in the sector that interests you, and also upload your CV to the website for prospective employers to view. You could also try the other routes of checking advertisements in shop windows or the local newspapers for vacancies.

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