If you need to find London weekend jobs to make ends meet, check this out

Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to find full time jobs in the current economic climate in the United Kingdom, the part time and weekend job sectors are still pretty solid when it comes to finding work. So whether you're a student looking to earn some money to keep yourself going throughout your studies, or you've already got a job and are looking for a little extra money, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you.

We recommend focussing all your attention on the retail sector due to the fact that it is one of the busiest sectors in London and is the most likely place for you to find employment these days. With so many different outlets, you're going to need a well planned out approach in order to give yourself the best chance of success though.

We recommend printing out copies of your CV (if you need help freshening yours up, check out cvwriting.net) and then heading into each of the stores you might like to work in in order to hand your CV into the manager. Never leave your CV with another staff member, as you cannot guarantee that it will make it to the manager!

Jobs in retail pay around £5.93 per hour, and since you'll be working at the weekend you are probably looking at around 16 hours per week. Of course you could supplement this with additional weekday work if your schedule allows it.

Focussing mainly on the shopping centres in the area will be the best way to find London weekend jobs quickly and efficiently, so we have listed the major ones for your convenience;

  • Victoria Place Shopping Centre, 115 Buckingham Palace road
  • Cardinal Place, 76-98 Victoria Street
  • Whiteleys, 144-151 Queensway
  • Covent Garden Market, 41 Covent Garden Piazza


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