London Underground jobs

If you are interested in working on the London Underground then we have some resources to help you find and apply for jobs quickly and easily.

The London Underground acts as the heartbeat of London's businesses as employees from all corners of the city utilise the tube to get to work everyday. This rapid transit system serves Greater London as well as some parts of Hertfordshire and Essex. Also known as the Tube, it is the oldest underground railway in the world today. Over 1.1 billion passengers use the London Underground every year.

The first place to look if looking to work on the Underground is tfl.gov.uk. Under the Corporate Tab across the top of the homepage there is a Search and Apply button that connects you to a micro jobs site. From here you can search for jobs by inputting criteria in the search field. You can also set-up a profile so that you hear about opportunities as they arise.

Make sure to check out railwaypeople.com for the latest jobs listings for the London Underground. This website is updated every day so make sure to check regularly in order to keep up with new job postings. Jobs are listed in groupings of areas in London and also by job title. There are a wide range of positions offered including electricians, engineers, pipe fitters, project managers and construction positions.

There is also a Rail Training section on railwaypeople.com which gives you access to specialist training courses that can give you the knowledge and skills necessary to make it harder for your interviewer to overlook your application. These training courses are offered in all areas relating to the Underground.


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