Are you looking for London transport jobs?

London is the largest metro area in all of the European Union. With a population between 12 and 14 million people there needs to be a flawless transport system. To accommodate for such a large number of commuters London has more forms of transport than most cities. These include the underground or 'tube' as it's known locally, the buses, trams and travelling along the River Thames. Because of this there are also more London transport jobs than a majority of cities.

The most commonly known transport job in London has to be the bus drivers. To work for the London Metroline buses you need to have a number of qualities (and a height between 5 foot 4 inches and 6 foot 2 inches due to health and safety restrictions). A full clean driving license must be held for a minimum of a year along with a PGV license or a willingness to train for one. A sound knowledge of the area is also essential, this can include anywhere between Potters Bar as far as Brentford. The applicant must be flexible to work a number of shifts including weekends. In return a London bus driver can receive an excellent rate of pay, a free uniform as well as free bus and tube travel. For more information or recent vacancies take a look at metroline.co.uk.

If a driving position isn't for you, perhaps a transport planner is. A degree in Transport Planning or Civil Planning is required, as well as the desire to work towards a chartered status. The role requires the right candidate to have a principal role in the day to day technical input into a variety of projects. They will also be responsible for distribution in assignments and accident data analysis amongst other things. A knowledge in modelling techniques and assessment software will be advantageous. If this position sounds right for you check out monster.co.uk for similar London transport jobs.

With so may other forms of transport there should be a position that suits everyone. Take a look at the tfl.gov.co.uk website for more information on the vacancies and requirements to work in London Transport jobs.

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