The best sources for London temp jobs

There are a wide range of London temp jobs available for seasonal, freelance, interim and casual workers. Whether or not you have work experience, expect the capital to throw up a number of opportunities.

A localised search on gumtree.com shows a cross-section of public and private sector positions in the:

  • banking
  • nhs
  • hospitality
  • charity
  • and trades sectors.

Search under the part-time, evening and weekend section. You will find vacancies for call centre fund-raising, which is ideal if you are a student looking for summer work and flexible shift patterns.  There are ongoing temporary positions for pastry chefs in London hotels.

Do you have a confident telephone manner? Consider the sales executive or support assistant roles. Housekeeping duties are also on offer in Bexley.

Reed.co.uk has a special section for temporary jobs.  If you are a legal secretary or looking for experience in sales, look at their latest postings. From health visitors, to supply teaching and media assistants, you will find something to suit you.

Before making applications:

  • do some research on the company
  • update your CV and include a cover letter to reflect the specific requirements of the role.

If you are unsure how to structure your cover letter, refer to the essential characteristics and duties of the role. Describe how you will fit the criteria through examples from work situations.

A lot of London temp jobs are advertised through recruitment agencies. If you want to help others, temporary support workers are required in the housing sector, through Employment Plus. Renard Hospitality and Leisure has a number of general catering vacancies.

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