We check out the top London recruitment agencies

Although there is a lot to be said for putting in the hard graft and finding yourself a job under your own steam, sometimes it's much easier just to submit your information to a recruitment agency and let them put in the leg work for you. They will have access to a large number of recruiters, and will also be privy to advance information about forthcoming vacancies, so it can be a good idea to have your CV on file with more than one.

Obviously the use of recruitment agencies can come at a cost, which generally equates to a percentage of your weekly wage being paid to the agency, but given the current economic climate and the difficulty many have in finding work it can certainly pay off in the long run.

As you'd expect, there are quite a large number of London recruitment agencies operating right now. They range from specialise agencies who cover a narrow range of related job types, to much broader ones who fill vacancies across a number of different sectors.

Depending on the kind of work you are seeking, sometimes it's a good idea to hedge your bets and look at the broader reaching agencies. This will all depend on your level of experience however, and it is ultimately up to you to make the choice, but it's worth taking stock of your abilities and trying to figure out if they could be applied to jobs other than the ones you have your working experience in.

Out of all the London recruitment agencies, we have narrowed the following down as our recommendations to those of you seeking work: www.ambition.co.uk, www.handle.co.uk, www.tate.co.uk, www.agencycentral.co.uk and www.office-angels.com.

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