London Metropolitan University and student visas

London Metropolitan University has gone up one place from last year in the Complete University Guide. However it is still ranked quite low, being placed 114th out of 116 universities included in the guide. The university offer quite a wide range of degrees and also have an impressive range of postgraduate courses on offer too.

London Metropolitan University has received a lot of press over the past couple of years. It is placed in the top 10 universities in England for foreign students, with enrolled students hailing from over 150 countries. However these students have found themselves in an unfortunate situation with new visa legislation.

The UK Border Agency have stated that the university has failed to comply with visa rules and all the foreign students had their visas cancelled and were given 60 days to find new courses or face deportation. The Border Agency found that many of the students were not attending the university regularly and many had invalid visas. Their aim was to crack down on people coming in to the UK, not studying and working or staying illegally.

However many students were in the UK legitimately and were still faced with this difficult situation.

The government might have shot themselves in the foot with this action. Foreign students bring in a fortune to the UK economy. It's believed that they fork out over £12.5 billion a year. Campaigners are worried that this crack down sends out the message that foreign students are no longer welcome in the UK. The action was therefore a big risk.

London Metropolitan University went to court and won the right to allow new and current students to start the new year as normal with the university. They are allowed to complete their course or complete the year, whichever comes first. But who would want to pay a fortune for one year at university and then be sent packing without a degree?

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