Looking for a London job in a hotel?

Searching for work is certainly not fun, nor is it in any way the kind of thing that can help boost the confidence of many people, yet it's something that we're all required to do at one point or other if we have any intention of pushing forward with our lives at a professional level.

With so many people currently out of work the level of competition in the job market right now is reaching never before seen levels, so it definitely pays to have a good idea of exactly what it is you're looking for before you start your job search. If you're in the market for a London job in a hotel, then you might just be in luck.

Since the government has started to put a much bigger focus on London tourism in order to try to kick start the economy, we have seen a number of jobs start to open up in the hospitality sector. No matter what your experience level there should be a job out there that has your name on it.

While previous experience working in hospitality will certainly help, it's not essential for many jobs. For example, if you are looking at a back room job, then any general administrative experience should be enough. The same goes for positions in catering or cleaning. In fact the only positions where you will need to have actually worked in a hotel before tend to be in the managerial roles.

Rather than searching for jobs on the many online job sites, we recommend that you first get in contact with the hotels below in order to check out whether or not they have any current vacancies available;

  • Mint Hotel, 30 John Islip Street
  • Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand Street
  • St. Ermin's Hotel, 2 Caxton Street
  • Premier Inn, Belvedere Road
  • The Goring, 15 Beeston Place


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