London Dungeon Jobs

8-5 office jobs are not for everyone. For those that want to try something a bit different and develop their skills in a unique setting, take a look at London Dungeon jobs. There is an eclectic list of positions that are available each year at this tourist attraction. Here is a more in-depth look at the potential job opportunities.

Types of Jobs

The first step in finding and applying for London Dungeon Jobs is to decide if you are lookng for seasonal or permanent work. Once that is decided, think about what your strengths and interests are and try and match it up to the jobs that are available. Here is a quick peek at some of the jobs that they offer.

Every business needs to have strong customer service, and London Dungeons is no exception. For those that that have strong communication skills, enjoy providing information for the visitors and overseeing admissions, being a "Dungeon Keeper" might be the job for you. There is also room to move up to a management position.

For the more creative and artsy people that enjoy dark scenes, this could be a great place to be able to develop your creativity. There is always a need for makeup artisits, hair dressers, and costume and wardrobe designers. Again, you could move up to a performance supervisor position who helps more with creating the stories and overseeing the theatrical aspect

The more outgoing personalities though might prefer to be part of the performance team. When else can you scare people and get paid for it! Each actor is part of a story so you would need to audition for the part. It is intense and repetitive work, and you are in the dark for the entire day.

It is not all about scaring and interacting with people though. There are more behind the scene positions that might suite other people. For those that are better with numbers and are more business minded, look into applying for an accounting or finance position.

There is also a need for technicians who help with maintaining and operating the rides. They also would oversee all the special effects such as fog and gas. There are chances to also nurture your creativity and add or improve the current sets.

There seem to be a few benefits as well for employees. Obviously there is free entrance, but they offer career development and training, childcare vouchers, and many other goodies.

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Off the Beaten Track

Obviously these London Dungeon jobs are not for everyone, and may not be the best choice for a long term career, but it could be fun to do for a little while. This does create a space where you can be creative and experiment with new ideas. Who knows what other unique skills you will pick up along the way.

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