Logistics Jobs in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Europe is at a crossroads and unfortunately that means that plenty of people are out of work in the UK. Many people are heading to the Middle East where economies are on the rise. A good option for the short to medium term may be to relocate and land on your feet with logistics jobs in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Some Useful Resources for Finding Logistics Jobs

The Middle East is thriving and the logistics sector is one of the most active. There are a number of positions available including entry level assistant postitions, mid level officer postitions and high level management opportunities. But where does one start when searching for logistics jobs in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)?

Oil Careers is a valuable website with huge listings in the logistics sector. You can search for logistics positions accross all seven continents but can narrow down your search by selecting the United Arab Emirates in the Region/Country drop down menu. The UAE logistics page returns a high number of positions ranging from Warehouse positions to Inventory Analyst so check out www.oilcareers.com to see if there are any suitable positions for you.

OLX is a United Arab Emirates based classifieds website with a vibrant jobs posting section. Once again, you can find a variety of logistics positions advertised here and you can narrow doen your search to a specific region in the UAE on www.olx.ae. There is also an active logistics page on UAE Emirates Jobs. Each job posting comes with a detailed description outlining the skills you will need for the position. Visit uae-emirates.jobs-career-listing.com to narrow down your search.

Up, Up and Away

There are also plenty of logistics jobs in UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the airline industry as both Emirate Airlines and Ethiad Airlines have their hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively. On top of these big two air travel giants, there are about a dozen smaller airlines all in need of logistics staff.

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