The best places to look to find logistics jobs

Have you got a head for numbers? Good at planning things out in advance? With your skill set you could be the perfect candidate to get yourself a job in the world of logistics. For those who want to take charge of the supply chain, there are countless opportunities to find logistics jobs in the UK, and we are here to show you how you can get yourself a brilliant job.

Without logistics staff, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the goods we consumer every day. They are one of the unsung heroes of the working world! If you are tempted to start looking, then we suggest pointing your browser towards a site dedicated exclusively to careers in logistics. That site is careersinlogistics.co.uk and they have an unbelievable range of different logistics jobs available, including Drivers, Warehouse Work, Distribution, and Logistics Managers. This site will also give you a full idea of the type of qualifications needed to get yourself into this competitive jobs field.

Another site that is extremely worthwile to visit is the Logistics Jobs site at logisticsjobs.org.uk/. The reason we recommend this site is due to the fact that it pulls in all of the logistics vacancies from the myriad of UK job sites, hosting them all under one roof. This saves you a huge amount of trawling as often the different job sites won't have universal job postings.

A final site that you may not think of checking out, but that offers a huge range of vacancies is the NHS Supply Chain job site at supplychain.nhs.uk/corporate/vacancies. The NHS has a huge need for logistics staff, so why not help them fill the need?

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