How to find local jobs which are available now

The job market is endlessly changing and it is not expected that it will become any easier to master it any time soon. Finding jobs that are local to you can be advantageous given that it reduces risk in moving out to a new place for work which may not be guaranteed. Take a look at the following sources to find local jobs available to you.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines often have job sections but their usefulness depends on how often the publication is released. Daily and weekly publications are very useful for finding jobs which are available now or available very soon but job adverts in monthly or quarterly publications tend to be very specialised and tend not to be available for a few months. Weekly job papers are extremely good sources.


The Internet holds a wealth of information which is incredibly useful for finding a local jobs available to you immediately. There are a number of sources available to job seekers which are funding publicly - such as the Job Centre website: Jobseekers.direct.gov.uk - and government careers advice websites such as Nextsteps.direct.gov.uk. Searching on these websites is similar to searching other job websites in that you can narrow results down by area as well as other things such as salary or contract type.

An alternative to standard job websites is to search classified ad sites such as Gumtree.com or Craigslist.org which list classifieds for a very wide range of locations across the world. There tends to be more activity in bigger cities such as London or New York but smaller town populations do still use it occasionally so it is worth searching.

Finally, check out local noticeboards in shop windows and in supermarkets as very often companies will want to employ local people in case of emergencies when they need people to come in to rectify issues or when they need to organise cover.

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