Ideas for finding local jobs

Employees can often find a local job in small businesses. Due to a lack of resources, these businesses may not always find a place on internet job board, television commercials or the local classifieds. However, if you frequent local businesses and have a willingness to develop relationships or make a few phone calls, you can find local jobs available.

  • Make yourself known among the small business community. Instead of shopping at major grocery dealers, find the smaller store that sells homegrown food. Frequent antique shops, downtown stores and other small businesses. As you spend time in these places, make an effort to talk to the owner when you have to opportunity. Developing these acquaintances will help you on your job search.
  • After you have gotten to know some of the local business owners, explain your desire for a local job and ask if the owner knows of any small business in the area looking to hire a new employee. This does not put the pressure on the owner to offer you a job, but it also give him an open door if he wants.
  • If you do not have the time to develop relationships with small business owners, consider cold calling. Look up local businesses in the phone book and give each one a call. Explain your situation, and that you are considering different local jobs. Ask if the owner has any vacancies available. Do not push the subject if the owner declines, but leave your name and number (in case anything opens up), thank him and tell him to have a nice day. Continue until you find someone willing to hire you.


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