Everything you need to know to carry out a local job search

When you decide it's time to carry out a local job search, it is essential that you check as many places as you can in order to find the best selection of jobs. Before you apply for any jobs, visit improveyourcv.co.uk and brighten up your CV.

Local Media - It is always worth your while reading a couple of local newspapers as you will often find a selection of jobs in the classifieds section. The free papers will regularly have job features in them as well.

Job Websites - There are hundreds of job websites on the internet these days. You should always visit a national website such as jobisjob.co.uk or totaljobs.com. They will usually have hundreds of vacancies from every industry that you can think of. They also allow you to easily apply for jobs by uploading your CV and cover letter.

Try to visit a few local job websites as well. You will find these by searching Google. For example, you might search for "Reading jobs" or "Blackburn vacancies".

Recruitment Agencies - You should try your best to register with a recruitment agency or your local job centre. They offer a free service and they will try their best to find you a job to match your skills and qualifications. Among the best known agencies to be found in the UK are Adecco and Reed.

In Person - Take the traditional way of finding work and get out there, armed with a bunch of CVs. Then just keep your eyes peeled for "help wanted" signs. Always start your job hunt in the town or city centre and don't forget shopping centres and industrial parks!


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