Are you wondering where you can find local job opportunities near you?

When looking for the latest local job opportunities, it is essential that you check in as many places as possible in order to give yourself the best chances of finding a suitable job.

You should always keep an eye on local newspapers and free daily papers for the latest vacancies. Smaller companies tend to advertise their jobs in this manner. Some local radio stations will also have bulletins throughout the day with a selection of job offers.

Recruitment agencies are worth visiting as you will find a selection of jobs that you might not find anywhere else. Drop into them and register your details, sit back and wait for them to get back in touch! Many agencies will have their websites updated with the most recent vacancies. Keep an eye out for Adecco, Hays and Blue Arrow as they are great agencies to deal with.

Don't forget to have a look at a few job websites. They allow you to easily apply for jobs without having to even leave your front door! Jobisjob.co.uk and totaljobs.com are among the best national websites.

Make sure you have a look at a few local job websites as well. You will find these out by searching on Google. For example type in "Brighton jobs" or "London vacancies".

When looking for local job opportunities, don't forget to keep an eye on shopping areas, supermarkets, shopping centres, business parks and industrial parks. You should spend some time handing your CV into these places in person.


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